For Beginners, Create a new Gmail account from your computer

One of the most important features of the Internet during the modern era is the ability to send and receive e-E-mail messages which including attaching files, whether these files are images, or written, audio, video, or other files, there are specialized group of sites providing this service, and one of these sites is Gmail site, which belong to the famous Google site, so we will explain in detail today how to create a new Gmail account with explanation.

Create your Gmail account new Gmail via your computer:


  • We enter the official website by clicking here and then click on the Create an Account as you’ll see the following image:

You will be redirected to the page to fill out the data referred to as arrows and then pressing the Next Step

Will open the user agreement,  scroll down until you see the I Accept button sign, press it.

It will open a welcome page click on to Continue to Gmail.

Will open a series of guidance messages to help you open your first time, click on the Next.

After the completion of a series of guidance messages will appear final message, click on the Go To Gmail.


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